One stop shop for recruting in-house

All tools you need when scaling up your Team

Helps you to scale up your organization, by assembling, your recruitment process.
From preparing an offer, through collecting initial candidate's data via surveys & forms.
Schedule meetings & calls. Dispatching and reviewing technical tests.
To overview of the board - where candidates are in the recruiting funnel.

Organize job offers

Effortlessly prepare your offers listings. With instant edit and position changing

Offers - Forms

Get esential information about candidates on custom Forms, it lets you later quickly search and filter through collected values


Engage with your candidates. Collect more comprehensive answers and feedback by using surveys with open questions.

Candidates' Overview

Boards which gives you clear overview of the progress each of the candidates

Share Technical Tests

Technical Tests

Use predefined and custom Technical Tests to check Tech skills. Do Code Review, share thoughts with your colleagues and feedback with candidates

Share Technical Tests

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