One stop shop for recruting in-house

All tools you need when scaling up your Team

Offer. - Besides obvious description of the role, you can predefine matching skills and directly link your offer with a short survey where candidates briefly describe essential informations

Code review. - share with your colleagues and later with candidate, so regardless of final decision - everyone could learn about possible alternatives of the solution and other improvements of his/her code

Survey. - allows you to prepare key questions and/or requirements which are crucial for this role, i.e. work onsite, relocation, essential skills

Profile 360. - combining data from application, survey, code review - you can get pretty good overview about who will be the best choice for an open position in YOUR team

Import data. - you might already have stored (email, excel) some data from the previous candidates for the same role. Obviously you would like to have them all in one place - Jadeit can help you organize all of them and let you query those data later

Mailing. - follow up with current candidates like previous ones. Common feedback shared often by the developers is that they have never heard from the company. In Jadeit we believe that regardless of the final decision everyone should be informed about it and possibly get a feedback about what can be improved, on both techincal and soft skills